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"Castells of Catalonia"


The newly published book all about the wonderful Catalan tradition of building "Human Towers." This photographic book shows up-close and intimate photos of the World of Castells, highlighting the teamwork and individual effort involved.


This cultural event has gained worldwide attention recently due to the political situation in Spain regarding Catalan independence.


Available in CATALAN and ENGLISH, as an eBook on Amazon (soon to be published as a paperback).






SurrealismARTa is a project by Catalan artist Marta Navales. She favours bright, inspiring colours that illuminate the imagination and create 'better than real life' images. Watercolour is her prefered technique.


Travel has really inspired Marta in her painting, and she has done many works reflecting this inspiration. Some countries featured are Vietnam, China, Italy as well as Australia and her home country, Catalonia.


Her major works have been displayed in several exhibitions around Barcelona. Marta has also illustrated 2 books, and her third, 'El Tresor de l'Elna,' has recently been published.


To see more of her work, and find out more about her, please visit her website by clicking on the painting.




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