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It's your biggest day, and you want it all - so have it all!
From start till finish


Don't worry about time - from the preparations, to the cutting of the cake and the party afterwards, your precious memories will be captured with care.

Photos forever


After the big day, you will want to look back on it, and what better way to do it than with a DVD of your photos. Watch them on your tv, print them out and hang them up, or put them on Facebook for everyone to see.


All of your photos will be on the DVD (originals and edited), as well as a selection of prints AND a short movie of the day with your music.

The personal touch


Whether you have something special in mind, or maybe something a little crazy, it's your day so it can be done.


You decide what and when with the photos - just how it should be done!

Contact me ​​ for a free quote & to discuss covering your wedding or celebration!

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